eCollsTM the new generation digital
credit management platform

eColls™ is a digital first in the credit management industry where customers can create arrangements and make payments without any added costs or fees. It allows the customer to update his/her personal information, log their queries, make arrangements and choose from an array of payment options and then get rewarded.

click, view, pay & get rewarded

New Innovative 24/7 Electronic Payment Platform

Mobile Digital Technology

eColls™ is accesible on any Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.


All your information is safe and secure. eColls is hosted on secure servers, safeguarding you against any data breaches


Multiple Payment Options for ease of use


Log your query/ get a statement/ verify your balance via WhatsApp


Be rewarded with payments

every day easy payment solutions

Corporates who are dissatisfied with their debit order defaults, debtors’ days, or churn rate. eColls is the new generation digital credit management platform that provides – easy communication, multiple payment channels, and rewards for your paying customers. Unlike any other payment link we provide WhatsApp communication and a Rewards platform integrated.

The in-touch, rewarding payment link

easy online customer payment options

Debit / Credit Card

EFT / Instant EFT

Debit Order


different platforms same user interface

eColls™ can easily integrate with leading Debt Management Systems, Accounting Platforms & SMS Gateways.

more effective
eColls™ is 181% more effective than traditional Call Centre Debt Collecting techniques & strategies. eColls use more modern communication platforms like:
  • SMS
  • Whatsapp Business
  • Online Chat platforms
  • Email

R 16.5 mil Rewards

issued in the last 30 days

181 %

More Effective

4 x

More Growth

85 %

Mobile Users

100 %

Data Free

More Effective

GetBucks South Africa

“Since implementing eColls rewards we have seen a definite increase in the willingness of our clients to make some form of payment commitment to GetBucks. Since launching the programme in conjunction with the electronic payment channels we have seen a 300% week on week increase on cash collected through the channel supported by the rewards” says Mark Young CEO of GetBucks South Africa. “It has also supported our drive for contactless payment channels to help reduce the risk for our customers during the Covid-19 pandemic.” concludes Mark

NuDebt Management

We were looking for increased productivity, smarter collections and debtor convenience. We got it in eColls™.

City & Suburbs Realty

Tenants were asking us for a digital payment option that they can use when they get their invoice on a monthly basis. We came across eColls™, we explained our situation and within a week we had a solution for our tenants. Our tenants now – click, view, pay and get rewarded on a monthly basis. Our lease renewals have increased and payments are received a lot sooner after invoice. Thank you eColls™!