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eColls™ will Reward your customer for paying

Changing the culture of payment by rewarding your customers.

  1. The consumer feels better about spending.

Two things are certain in life and death and paying your bills. 

There is one thing that makes you feel better about paying is that you get rewarded for something that you have to pay e.g. subscription debt.

You get rewarded for something that you have to do anyway.

  • Affirm good behaviour

People strive for affirmation.

To get rewarded it affirms that you are doing something right.

  • Brag rights for Freebies

People like to brag about rewards or freebies they receive – the bigger the reward the better they feel about themselves

  • The make us mindful

Covid reminded us all about mindful living – being in control in the moment.

By behaving in a mindful way about your spending and payment habits you get rewarded, and you feel in control

eColls™ can give your business all these benefits from a client perspective without requiring you to invest any money.  Only once the client uses the platform and you get your money #cashflow do you pay R10.

  • No more phoning debtors
  • No more interim loans to subsides bad debt
  • No more harassing and potentially losing clients