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Why eColls™ is the preferred digital accounts management platform for your company

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eColls™ is a digital first, in the credit management industry, where the corporate’s customers can conveniently create payment arrangements and make payments, using the the eColls™ payment link, data-free.

eColls™ Rewards Paying Customers:

eColls™ encourages a culture of payment and reward your customers for positive payment behaviour. Create loyalty, acknowledge the customer, rehabilitate and retain.

eColls™ Integration And White Labeling

eColls™ can integrate with leading Debt Management Systems, Accounting Platforms and SMS Gateways. Clients have a white label option for their customers to identify and relate to your brand.

eColls™ Is #DATAFREE

eColls™ allows your customer to use the platform DATAFREE 24/7, at their convenience. No excuses!

Improved Bottom Line

Using eColls™ improves debtor aging management in the early stages of your customer credit life cycle, higher customer payments rates and improved cash flow.

Reduce Resource Usage And Labour Cost

Reducing resource usage and labour cost, reaching your entire customer base, digitally!